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About The Little Red Book

The Left’s Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic tells a story of how concern for the environment (Green New Deal, climate change) is used by the left to attack capitalism and scare the country into socialism.

It is a parody on Mao’s The Little Red Book. Using the words of the political left, it illustrates how simple words like “red” and “green” can be corrupted to persuade people into believing something other than the advocate’s true purpose.

The book is a collection of quotes from prominent figures on the left, and short introductions for each section to provide context and perspective. Each quote is on its own page, with speaker identity, and citations. Speakers comment on a different aspect of radical environmentalism, e.g. hated of capitalism, truth is not relevant, humans must go, and, “the world will end in twelve years”.

The book is a small size, 4 x 6-inch paper, 48 pages. Such books are called “chapbooks.’ An easy to read format allows the book to present complex, political ideas in a simple manner. It can be read in under 20 minutes. Such books have been around for centuries and first used as educational books. The reader will quickly appreciate where the Left wants to take this country.