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The Manchurian Administration, The Movie?

William L.Kovacs

February 2023

The Manchurian Administration, The Movie?

U.S. Climate Czar John Kerry’s January 18, 2023 speech at the World Economic Forum was viewed by us commoners, as he described it, as an “extra-terrestrial” event. He summed up his importance and that of the attendees as “… pretty extraordinary that we [a] select group of human beings (attendees) because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet.” His speech was the first clue that the Biden administration is writing a fabulous new movie script, “The Manchurian Administration,” the third installment of the movie the Manchurian Candidate.

In the 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, [a]n American POW in the Korean War is brainwashed by the Chinese to undertake sinister acts to benefit an international communist conspiracy.

While the 2004 version of the movie takes place during the Gulf War, the plot uses a multi-national lobbying corporation that secures loyalty by brainwashing to accomplish its sinister goals.

The 2023 plot is simple. The Biden administration is taken over by extra-terrestrial beings (“ETs”) who brainwash its leaders to into believing it is necessary to ban fossil fuels and rely exclusively on wind and solar power to run the largest economy in the world. These leaders firmly believe that the U.S. must be deindustrialized and depopulated in order to survive as a nation. The ETs brainwash U.S. leadership by beaming into their heads visions of perfectly effective regulations that solve all problems in the world by preventing climate change and implementing the new Woke Commandments written by a group of arsonists and pronoun theorists.

The ETs have the U.S. leadership believing all pollution, consumer products, appliances, food, and fossil energy can be eliminated through nationwide bans on the commoner’s use of such products. Additionally, the military has ordered every soldier to sit in a cornfield and beat their weapons into plow shears while memorizing the Stanford University’s guide on the “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” Tic Tock films the sit-in for the Chinese Communist Party. Hollywood gives it an Academy Award even before nominations open.

The President of the country, “its exalted grand leader,” “his highness,” Joe Biden, has been hit by radio beams so frequently over fifty years in politics he can no longer speak in sentences or even read the English language from a teleprompter. His every attempt at a statement is a lie to the people he is to serve, whether it be on inflation, border security, or he has no business dealings with his son, Hunter. He firmly believes his lies are protecting the nation since the only thing that matters to the U.S. government is the protection of the Biden Family Syndicate. Unfortunately for the ETs, Biden may be brainwashed, but he does not have enough remaining brain cells to carry out any of their orders.

Since the vice president never had a brain to wash, there was no effort to work on her.

All the brainwashing is focused on the lower-down “leaders” Like Kerry, who believe themselves to be decedents of several gods. Unfortunately, no one in the nation realized the FBI, CIA, and the thousands of its covert forces (“the Coverts”) were the first to be brainwashed. They were already helping the ETs implement their secret plan to take over the nation. The ETs transformed the bodies of the Coverts into Jack-in-the-boxes. On any ET order, they would pop out of the box, bobble their heads and spit out pre-recorded conspiracy theories. The Coverts insisted all the problems on the planet, from the beginning of time, were caused by the real Donald Trump. They knew they must resist Trump since they took an oath to defend the nation against imaginary enemies.

What the Coverts did not know is that the real Donald Trump joined the ETs soon after he lost the 2020 election. He is now in a conspiracy with the ETs to turn the Coverts mute, so they can no longer be talking heads on cable tv. Muteness is a punishment worse than death for them.

The real subterfuge is carried out by John Kerry, a very willing subject of the ETs. He is secretly told of an ET plan to take the elites to planet Disney where they will be forced to co-mingle with low-lifers who just want to enjoy themselves. He immediately informs his rich friends and surfing buddies of the need to escape. With temporary control of the U.S. government, the wealthy steal the remaining portion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. After filling the fuel tanks, they load their private jets with girlfriends, surfboards, expensive food, and wine.

They escape seeking a permanent, beautiful life in a sub, sub, sub, subpart of planet earth called Davos, a mountainous city whose religion is hypocrisy. They leave the rest of us behind to exist as best we can. As they take off for Davos, they celebrate that the commoners left behind can’t even pray for salvation since the woke philosophers and leftist rioters eliminated all places of religious worship.

The script ends with a joyous John Kerry and the other elites believing they are the select group of humans saving the world. All have a vision of being rulers of a world without common people. In their bible, the rich are entitled to inherit the earth, but to do so, they must preach the grotesque fear of climate change. Their goal is to eliminate the humans considered cancer on the earth. However, had they watched the 1962 episode of the Twilight Zone titled “To Serve Man,”  they would have known the ETs tricked them into flying to Davos.

ETs, like politicians everywhere, believe in “serving man.”  The distinction between the two forms of service is that a politician serves man to satisfy his ego, punish enemies and get rich. The ETs serve man as dinner course.  Unlike the Twilight Zone episode, the brainwashed elites of the Biden administration could not understand the nuances of the ET language, so they had no idea of what was going to happen to them. The elites arrive in Davos to great applause from the ETs awaiting their arrival as a fresh food supply.

The moral of the story is that the elites always leave the commoners behind, and since the beginning of history, the commoners have used their creativity to survive and thrive without the elites. The elites landing in Davos quickly discovered that without the millions of commoners to run society, they were worth only what they could produce. Unfortunately, BS is not worth much. But fortunately for the elites, the ETs don’t want to eat BS. The movie ends with John Kerry speaking for an eternity to the other elites about why moving to Davos was the right decision.

Hell is truly having to listen to John Kerry.

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Puppet Playhouse, Staring Scranton Joe

William L. Kovacs

August 2022

Puppet Playhouse, Staring Scranton Joe

I am telling you lies because I can’t tell you the truth. If I told you the truth, you would certainly believe I am lying. Confused? We all are; this is political life in America.    William L. Kovacs, the author

My name is Scranton Joe, but just call me Joe. I grew up in a place with coal dust instead of grass in the backyard. The city was built over the coal mines. Its major nighttime tourist attraction was the culm dump. These are huge piles of mining waste that burn incessantly. You can see the glow from miles away. The excitement for the adults living in the area is visiting the local bars. There are several of them on each block. They are usually run-down, dark, and have a sailfish hanging on the wall.

While in my twenties, I become a political gigolo and remained in that profession for life. My first lesson in politics came when my uncle Timmy took me to vote. I was five. The poll worker handing out ballots asked me if I wanted one. Not knowing what to do, I took it. My uncle mumbled, “In this town, you vote early and often and make sure you encourage your dead friends to vote.” I merely said, “Ok.” It was my first political “Ok” of millions.

Life was easy in that coal town. Little was expected, but there was a lot to be learned on how to survive on the labor of others. With few activities for kids, my excitement came when the coal delivery man let me slide down the coal chute onto the pile of coal in the cellar.

The chute sliding was my entry point into political sliding, which can be done without getting dirty if you know how to do it. Political sliding involves taking money, lying to voters, and most of all, believing your own press releases so you are confident of your importance

Politics is well-paying, easy work since the slide is all engineered by people very good at manipulating other people. They are called “Puppeteers,” and they give people acting roles at the “Puppet Playhouse.” All I have to do is read the script they give me. Sometimes, someone reads it into my ear, and I just repeat the words.

Politics isn’t heaven on earth; it’s better. To get to heaven, one has to be good, whereas one can succeed in politics without any goodness in your soul. This allowed me to assert my Catholicism while advocating for abortion. I was told George Orwell called this “Doublethink,” the power to simultaneously hold two contrary beliefs in one’s mind and accept both as true. The first time someone told me my pronouncements were “Doublethink,” I took it as a compliment. I thought “Doublethink” was having twice as many smarts as others.

With this stellar upbringing, I conquered the world. At 29, I rose from the county council to the U.S. Senate, that august body that pontificates in Washington, D.C., and on cable TV about all matters of insignificance to ordinary people. The Senate where I work is believed to be the continuous successor to the Senate of ancient Rome. Fortunately, I bypassed the Plebeian Council, now called the House of Representatives. The common people are, let’s say, common, just common. After all, I am able to “Doublethink.”

Once ensconced in power and prestige, it is easy to keep it. The puppeteers know who is important and who isn’t, so all get their just due, depending on their place in society. Millionaires get more “just due” since they are worth more than plebs. Honestly speaking, in politics, the puppeteers raise whatever money I need. It benefits me, but it also benefits them since they get most of the money to spread around to the media, consultants, friends, and political allies.  But I get a lot, but I don’t count it, which allows me to tell anyone, “I know nothing of who supports this gigolo.”

Considering I never made more than $200,000 over three decades in the Senate, I somehow made millions in Washington. Everything a Senate friend told me was true. He told me, “Joe when you are in the Senate, everything good will happen to you. You will get the best deal on everything. You will be invited, as a silent partner, into the best real estate deals. Your kids will be awarded scholarships to the best schools. Life is good, so stay in the Senate as long as you can. God protects Senators and idiots, and you are both.”

My friend was very right. After helping a few banks, a builder gave me a special deal on a beautiful lake house that I could never have afforded. Eventually, I could afford a beautiful beach house thanks to my son, who is the smartest person in the world. He split the mortgage payments with me and gave me some extra spending money as payback for all the money I gave him when he needed to buy drugs. I can only say, “Thank God he did not use fentanyl, which kills people. That drug must be reserved for the ordinary people who are willing to die.”

My son is now a very prominent energy advisor to China, Russia, and Ukraine. He makes millions from them. He invests his money wisely.  He is a premier customer of the Mexican drug cartels, so he and his family are protected guests when he is sober. And he brings so many beautiful escorts to Delaware that the state is planning on starting a Ms. Amtrack contest. And the motel association plans to start the “cheap room for hookers award” in his honor.

My real joy in life was being a committee chairman in the Senate. I could mistreat witnesses, but they had to be polite to me. And, I mean polite, so I don’t stick bombs up their employer’s ass. My only bad day occurred as I was mistreating a Supreme Court nominee. That guy had the guts to talk back to me and the votes to get on the court. I should have remembered my friend’s second lesson, “never pick on anyone that might fight back.” That justice still picks on me decades after he should have forgiven me. So now, I am picking on his wife.

This all leads to the fact that I have been selected to be President of the United States, not elected. Some call the position “POTUS,” which sounds very “Roman emperoree.”  I wanted this position my whole life. It rounds out my resume, and better still, it allows me to become a partner in a big law firm when I am done being POTUS. Those partner guys make good money, and most don’t have to rely on their sons for kickbacks. They have cleaner businesses. What is it the Godfather says, “One lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns…” Thanks to my son, I never had to personally steal, but he may go to jail, so I need to think about my future way to make a living.

If my son goes to jail, I have three options to keep the money flowing. I could pardon him? The attorney general could cut a great plea deal, so he finishes his life on a Jack Nicklaus golf course with weekend privileges with his ladies. Or, I could take out a huge life insurance policy on his life and have the attorney general send him to the same jail cell that held Epstein. Of course, he would be guarded by the same guards.

My selection as POTUS was quite interesting. I was running for president in the Democratic primary. I could not get 2% of the vote. OK, I exaggerate, 1%. But I lived under lucky stars. The other candidates were worse, except for some old fart from a state outside Canada. The puppeteers and Wall-Streeters hated the old fart. They were afraid if he got elected, he might actually do something, like tax the wealthy or stop the flow of free federal money to the banks. He was so stubborn on income redistribution; he represented a threat to the political elites, or as we call them, the criminally immune class. He might have even made my son pay taxes on all his foreign income. That would have disrupted my lifestyle.

So here is what happened. During a break in one of the candidate debates, I was asked by a powerful congressman if I wanted to be president. I told him, “Yes, if the Pope is catholic. I would do anything to become president.” So, we made a deal. The congressman wanted a woman to be president, and I wanted to be president. The women running against me in the primary actually had fewer supporters than me, like 0%. She was a real loser, an almost impossible-to-find candidate. She was probably the only person in the world I could actually beat.

I asked, “How can you make both of us POTUS?” Easy replied the congressman, “I am going to make the prophecy of the 38th POTUS come true. All the candidates will drop out of the race, and you will win by default. You will select a women vice president. The bad part of the prophecy is that during your presidency, you will die, and the women will become president. That is non-negotiable.”

“Wow,” I said, “That is going too far. I just got my beach house and plan to use it for a while. Is there a compromise?” The congressman asked what I might be willing to do. “That’s easy,” I said, “how about the VP and I have a fundamental disagreement … based on a moral principle, [and] I develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

“Not as clean as dying, but it will do,” replied the Congressman. “You’re it, the next president. All you need do is sit in your basement and eat ice cream during the campaign. Wine is also acceptable, but your son must go into hiding until after the election. We’ll get him plenty of girls, drugs, and a video crew to film his antics, but he must stay in hiding. Maybe in Mexico. The drug lords have better security than you will have at the White House.”

I returned to the debate and mumbled as little as possible that night. All thought I did a miserable job, but the plebs did not know I was selected as the next president. So much for all those stupid people in the world who believe in democracy.

After the debate ended and I went to Turn Style Records and purchased “Hail to the Chief.” My wife and I listened to it until the early morning. I wish it had words so we could sing along as we walk on the beach. Then everyone would know I am POTUS. That would be better than closing the beach like that fat governor did to prove his importance.

That’s the story of me becoming POTUS. Unfortunately, in the months remaining, I have been given a few more orders by the puppeteers. I get one more month of playing president for each instruction I complete. That is also a dilemma for me. I like my beach house more than the White House, but I really like the room service at the White House, and the expense account is fabulous. My wife can throw all the parties she wants and does not have to ask our son for money. Since there are roughly thirty months left of my presidency, I will comply with the puppeteers and complete ten orders for ten extra months as POTUS. I picked ten orders since Moses gave us 10 Commandments. I like Moses so I will issue 10 Executive Orders:

  1. The U.S. will become a New Green Republic. Everything will be painted green for those Green New Deal psychotics. This will prove I keep my promises.
  2. All human beings on the planet will immediately be given United States citizenship.
  3. The cost to feed and shelter all these humans will be graciously paid for by the current citizens of the United States.
  4. Any police officer who ever arrested an illegal immigrant that committed a crime will be hung in the public square at dawn.
  5. The U.S. Supreme Court will be expanded to 1001 friends of that crazy lady from the Bronx so she shuts up.
  6. Congress must rewrite the First Amendment to read, “Conservatives shall not speak, or believe in any religion.”
  7. The money presses shall print money until there is no more paper and ink.
  8. Since God told me the meek are to inherit the earth and the rich presently own it, the solution is to eliminate the meek, so they have no claim on the earth.
  9. Capitalism is ordered to be dead; humans are to be extinct, and the planet is to return to nature in twelve years to satisfy that crazy lady from the Bronx.
  10. Our military shall surrender to China at 6 PM tonight, PST after my son receives his final bonus from the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”). All U.S. military equipment is to be immediately destroyed unless the CCP can use it to enslave more people.


Most importantly for my reputation, I do not want the plebs to know my disease is fake, but I do want the largest funeral procession ever staged. Since I will be still alive and just resting in the coffin, I will have my eyes on the attendees. Some dumbass chief minister in the Tamil Nadu region of India had 15 million people gather for his funeral. I want at least 100 million people, which should be easy by rounding up all those people illegally in the U.S. My AG will threaten them with deportation or put their children in cages if they don’t comply. If necessary, the new POTUS, who was previously the Border Czar, could again ask her friends in the Wall-Streeters drug cartels for help.

The drug cartels will likely dress up as border patrol agents to capture the illegals and return them to Mexico. On second thought, since the drug cartels only made a billion dollars a month, the U.S. could have easily solved the illegal immigration issue by paying the drug dealers $2 billion a month to stop trafficking the illegals. It would have been cheaper for the U.S. in the long run, and the cartels could sell all their drugs to the rich attendees of the World Elite Forum, whatever it is called. But luckily, the illegals are here; we need them to attend my funeral.

When all of the pomp and circumstance is over, I will secretly get out of my coffin, kiss the first woman president, and apologize to my son for not being able to help him any longer.

My final action when the curtain closes will be to blow a kiss to the audience at the Puppet Playhouse. When the audience stands to applaud me for a great performance, the puppeteer will publicly remove his hand from my mouth, and the world will know I am merely a puppet controlled by others.


William L. Kovacs has served as senior vice-president for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, chief counsel to a congressional committee, and a partner in law D.C. law firms, and his book Reform the Kakistocracy is the winner of the 2021 Independent Press Award for Political/Social Change. His second book, The Left’s Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic is a collection of quotes from the Left on how to control society by eliminating capitalism, people, and truth.



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The Limits on Governing in a Biden Presidency

William L. Kovacs

November 2020

The Limits on Governing in a Biden Presidency

If the winner of the 2020 presidential election is Joe Biden, the real question is – what exactly can he do to govern the country? Can he form a government that works for citizens or is he locked into a political system he helped form in over forty years in the DC swamp?

Biden is likely to exercise the powers of the presidency with a majority Republican Senate, run by Mitch McConnell, a master of Senate strategy. McConnell’s Senate is the graveyard for Democrat nominees and legislation, e.g. judge Merrick Garland, multi-trillion-dollar House of Representative’s Coronavirus relief plans. McConnell’s Senate can literally block all of Biden’s judicial nominees and cabinet officers. If however, Democrats win the two Georgia Senate seats in the January 2021 run-off elections, this scenario flips on its head. The filibuster is eliminated and more social legislation will be passed in the next two years than was passed during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. My assumption is that the Republican party will keep control of the Senate.

Even the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives lost several members from its majority. In fact, Democrats lost six seats and failed to defeat any Republican incumbents. What should be most concerning to a Biden presidency is how to fund the government. The temporary budget expires on December 11, 2020, and the Senate has not passed any of the appropriation bills. At worst, another government shutdown. At best there will be a temporary appropriation that moves the funding problem from the Trump to the Biden administration.  A Biden presidency is unlikely to get much, or any, of its Democrat wish-list, e.g. funding for state pension plans, additional funding to address climate change and infrastructure, or tax increases on those earning over $400.000 a year.

There are a few issues a President Biden could put into motion without Congressional assistance. He could rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement that President Trump withdrew from. As an Agreement, not a treaty, he does not need Senate advice and Consent. Presidential Agreements are as solid as wind and change with administrations. President Biden could also remove the tariffs on China imposed by Trump to benefit consumers’ pocketbooks.

Going across the street from the Capitol, there is a six-to-three conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. How it rules on ObamaCare is only one of the Democrats’ concerns. The Supreme Court will have the power to review all regulations issued by Biden’s administration. Regulatory power is the one power presidents can freely exercise without Congress. Moreover, Biden will likely reverse many of Trump’s deregulatory environmental actions, specifically Trump’s rollbacks of water and wetland regulations, the disposal of mining waste, the Clean Power Plan and almost one-hundred other Obama issued regulations.

A majority conservative court, however, can severely keep in check expansive new regulations and de-regulatory actions it believes not to be “reasonable.”

A President Biden may find some Trump inflicted pain before even being sworn into office. Trump may persuade Attorney General Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s alleged illegal Burisma activities. After being sworn in it will be difficult for Biden to personally stop a criminal investigation of his son after taking an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the U.S.

Biden’s revenge maybe for the U.S. Attorneys in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York to open investigations of Trump, especially on alleged tax fraud and money laundering. When exercising the powers of government, opening an investigation of Trump’s tax filings would be as easy as sending a birthday card.

The final and most serious attack on the Biden presidency might come from Donald Trump himself. Trump is not leaving the grand stage quietly. He will do something “big,” “loud,” and “highly critical” of the Biden administration. Trump will be the resistance leader against high taxes, over-regulation, and programs that move the U.S. toward socialism. Perhaps Trump will start the often discussed Trump News Network. It is estimated he has a combined social media following of 87.7 million followers. Fox News only has 3.6 million viewers and the other channels have far fewer viewers.

Trump would dominate the news during a Biden presidency. Under such withering, constant criticism, Biden would have to work with, around or in conflict with, a hostile Senate, a conservative Supreme Court, almost half the nation disagreeing with his policies, his son under criminal investigation, and a 24-hour news channel actively organizing opposition to his presidency.

At a time when Biden will need help from every person capable of giving it, the radical left will push him further and further to the left, leaving him “hung out to dry.” A nightmare for Biden would be for Speaker Pelosi to lose the speakership to a far-left progressive. Unlikely, but worth noting as a possibility.

Trump believes Biden, the FBI, and others in the Obama administration, engineered attacks on him before he was even sworn into office. He believes they continued the attacks for his entire presidency. They manipulated events to have a special counsel to investigate him. They impeached him. There was not a day President Trump was not attacked by his enemies.  Biden will likely be subjected to similar working conditions in his White House.

Welcome, President-elect Biden to American politics 2020.








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Implications of WH Claim “The President Is Not A Civilian”

William L. Kovacs

August 2020

Implications of WH Claim “The President Is Not A Civilian”

Most days after reading a few newspapers and watching a few cable “news channels,” (liberal and conservative outlets), I ask myself – how does the president of the U.S. believe he can lead a country and honor his oath to defend its Constitution when he is at war with many of its people and laws on a daily basis?

I really do understand that many of our “leaders” break the law on a regular basis but they try to deviate from expected norms in secret so they can continue holding office and appear to have integrity. We Americans are very tolerant of hypocrisy. We have to be. We live under the rules our politicians impose on us but somehow, exempt themselves from compliance.

But lately, Donald Trump’s vicious attacks on protesters for breaking the law, while sticking his disregard for the law smugly in our face, makes silence impossible.

Before proceeding further, I must admit, I voted in 2016 for Donald Trump. I cheered for him as he fought the “Deep State” over its false accusations involving collusion with Russia. His deregulation effort was needed to allow the country to grow again. He was on the path to greatness, even if his tweeting is obnoxious. Unfortunately, his mouth gets in the way of “Making American Great Again.”

A few recent events illustrate this point. His Phoenix and Tulsa rallies and the White House statement explaining why the president need not follow civil law, provide a glimpse of his disregard of the laws all of us are forced to live under.

The July 23, 2020 event in Phoenix, Arizona is a good example of hypocrisy. The President hosted a rally for students amid Arizona’s growing Coronavirus crisis. Trump’s rally did not abide by his own CDC guidelines, and arrogantly disregarded the City of Phoenix’s mandatory mask policy. Moreover, the President himself refused to wear a mask. He should have, even if for no other reason than as an elected official he needs to show respect for laws citizens must live under. Trump has many legal avenues to change laws he disagrees with. He certainly sues on every other believed wrong that pops into his head.

In his Phoenix speech he had the gall to viciously attack protesters for breaking the law, while he was breaking the law as he spoke.  He told his followers they are “smarter” than others and they are the “elite” while having the protests deemed an unlawful assembly at which the police used flashbangs to disperse the crowd.

After the Phoenix event, the press reported that at the earlier Tulsa event, the Trump campaign directed the removal of thousands of “Do Not Sit Here, Please!” stickers on the chairs to ensure social distancing. Trump denied asking for the stickers to be removed. Denials and blaming others is his campaign style.

Is there no end to his hypocrisy?

More concerning, however, is the statement made a few days later by the White House.  “The president is not a civilian” therefore, he does not need to comply with New Jersey’s quarantine law which requires a 14-day quarantine when coming into the state from another state with an increasing number of COVID-19 cases. This statement should scare the living crap out of all citizens – if the president is not a “civilian” leader, then he is a “military” leader.”

[It should be noted that the president canceled the New Jersey trip so he could remain in DC to ensure “law and order.”]

The U.S. has had twelve generals as presidents, e.g. Washington, Grant, Jackson, Eisenhower, each of them led this nation as civilian leaders. Our military is under civilian control until now when a president, who never served in the military, claims he is a military leader of our country.  Supporting these claims, Trump in a  recent ABC interview,  stated he could do whatever he  wants since “A president can run the country.”

Trump’s threats and belligerent actions are legendary from lawsuits to evictions, to refusals to release subpoenaed documents, and involvement in over 3500 lawsuits earning him the title of “Plaintiff in Chief,” according to an article in the ABA Journal.  Even before he was nominated in 2016, he told every reporter who would listen, if he did not get the nomination, “I think you’d have riots.” He went on to say “I think you would have problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen; I really do.”

Tuesday, November 3, 2020, can’t come too soon. We citizens are not given many choices by the political elite who view voters as cheap commodities, needed only to win elections and pay taxes. That is all we are worth to them.

As I asked in a prior article – Out of 328 Million People, Can’t We Find Better Candidates than a plagiarizer named “Sleepy Joe” and a narcissist named Trump? Fortunately for Libertarians, they have Jo Jorgensen, as their nominee for president. She is a solid candidate with a practical approach to governing. She is a superstar compared to the two establishment losers. But she needs more than votes from Libertarians. To win and she can win, if she aggressively talks to independents about how a Libertarian president is good for the nation. In Gallup’s May 28 – June 4, 2020 poll – 25% of Americans identified themselves as Republicans; 31% as Democrats and 40% as Independents. The votes are available, now is the time to put in the hard work to get them.