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The Manchurian Administration, The Movie?

William L.Kovacs

February 2023

The Manchurian Administration, The Movie?

U.S. Climate Czar John Kerry’s January 18, 2023 speech at the World Economic Forum was viewed by us commoners, as he described it, as an “extra-terrestrial” event. He summed up his importance and that of the attendees as “… pretty extraordinary that we [a] select group of human beings (attendees) because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet.” His speech was the first clue that the Biden administration is writing a fabulous new movie script, “The Manchurian Administration,” the third installment of the movie the Manchurian Candidate.

In the 1962 movie, The Manchurian Candidate, [a]n American POW in the Korean War is brainwashed by the Chinese to undertake sinister acts to benefit an international communist conspiracy.

While the 2004 version of the movie takes place during the Gulf War, the plot uses a multi-national lobbying corporation that secures loyalty by brainwashing to accomplish its sinister goals.

The 2023 plot is simple. The Biden administration is taken over by extra-terrestrial beings (“ETs”) who brainwash its leaders to into believing it is necessary to ban fossil fuels and rely exclusively on wind and solar power to run the largest economy in the world. These leaders firmly believe that the U.S. must be deindustrialized and depopulated in order to survive as a nation. The ETs brainwash U.S. leadership by beaming into their heads visions of perfectly effective regulations that solve all problems in the world by preventing climate change and implementing the new Woke Commandments written by a group of arsonists and pronoun theorists.

The ETs have the U.S. leadership believing all pollution, consumer products, appliances, food, and fossil energy can be eliminated through nationwide bans on the commoner’s use of such products. Additionally, the military has ordered every soldier to sit in a cornfield and beat their weapons into plow shears while memorizing the Stanford University’s guide on the “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” Tic Tock films the sit-in for the Chinese Communist Party. Hollywood gives it an Academy Award even before nominations open.

The President of the country, “its exalted grand leader,” “his highness,” Joe Biden, has been hit by radio beams so frequently over fifty years in politics he can no longer speak in sentences or even read the English language from a teleprompter. His every attempt at a statement is a lie to the people he is to serve, whether it be on inflation, border security, or he has no business dealings with his son, Hunter. He firmly believes his lies are protecting the nation since the only thing that matters to the U.S. government is the protection of the Biden Family Syndicate. Unfortunately for the ETs, Biden may be brainwashed, but he does not have enough remaining brain cells to carry out any of their orders.

Since the vice president never had a brain to wash, there was no effort to work on her.

All the brainwashing is focused on the lower-down “leaders” Like Kerry, who believe themselves to be decedents of several gods. Unfortunately, no one in the nation realized the FBI, CIA, and the thousands of its covert forces (“the Coverts”) were the first to be brainwashed. They were already helping the ETs implement their secret plan to take over the nation. The ETs transformed the bodies of the Coverts into Jack-in-the-boxes. On any ET order, they would pop out of the box, bobble their heads and spit out pre-recorded conspiracy theories. The Coverts insisted all the problems on the planet, from the beginning of time, were caused by the real Donald Trump. They knew they must resist Trump since they took an oath to defend the nation against imaginary enemies.

What the Coverts did not know is that the real Donald Trump joined the ETs soon after he lost the 2020 election. He is now in a conspiracy with the ETs to turn the Coverts mute, so they can no longer be talking heads on cable tv. Muteness is a punishment worse than death for them.

The real subterfuge is carried out by John Kerry, a very willing subject of the ETs. He is secretly told of an ET plan to take the elites to planet Disney where they will be forced to co-mingle with low-lifers who just want to enjoy themselves. He immediately informs his rich friends and surfing buddies of the need to escape. With temporary control of the U.S. government, the wealthy steal the remaining portion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. After filling the fuel tanks, they load their private jets with girlfriends, surfboards, expensive food, and wine.

They escape seeking a permanent, beautiful life in a sub, sub, sub, subpart of planet earth called Davos, a mountainous city whose religion is hypocrisy. They leave the rest of us behind to exist as best we can. As they take off for Davos, they celebrate that the commoners left behind can’t even pray for salvation since the woke philosophers and leftist rioters eliminated all places of religious worship.

The script ends with a joyous John Kerry and the other elites believing they are the select group of humans saving the world. All have a vision of being rulers of a world without common people. In their bible, the rich are entitled to inherit the earth, but to do so, they must preach the grotesque fear of climate change. Their goal is to eliminate the humans considered cancer on the earth. However, had they watched the 1962 episode of the Twilight Zone titled “To Serve Man,”  they would have known the ETs tricked them into flying to Davos.

ETs, like politicians everywhere, believe in “serving man.”  The distinction between the two forms of service is that a politician serves man to satisfy his ego, punish enemies and get rich. The ETs serve man as dinner course.  Unlike the Twilight Zone episode, the brainwashed elites of the Biden administration could not understand the nuances of the ET language, so they had no idea of what was going to happen to them. The elites arrive in Davos to great applause from the ETs awaiting their arrival as a fresh food supply.

The moral of the story is that the elites always leave the commoners behind, and since the beginning of history, the commoners have used their creativity to survive and thrive without the elites. The elites landing in Davos quickly discovered that without the millions of commoners to run society, they were worth only what they could produce. Unfortunately, BS is not worth much. But fortunately for the elites, the ETs don’t want to eat BS. The movie ends with John Kerry speaking for an eternity to the other elites about why moving to Davos was the right decision.

Hell is truly having to listen to John Kerry.