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Proposed Reforms for Restructuring the Kakistocracy

Part III of my book sets out twelve proposals for restructuring the kakistocracy. There may be many more reform proposals that others can suggest. Every proposed reform will be read and if it meets the standards set out in Ground Rules, it will be added to the list of proposed reforms and you will be identified for proposing it.

Below is the list of twelve reforms in my book. Once a month, in the Blog Idea Exchange part of this site, I will discuss one of the reforms in greater detail. New reform proposals will be added to the list and the supporting commentary will also appear in Blog Idea Exchange.

Modest Proposals for Restructuring the Kakistocracy

  1. Congress must reclaim its role as the primary legislative body.
  2. Restructuring the kakistocracy must include everything the kakistocrats manage.
  3. The kakistocracy must devolve power to the states.
  4. Congress must reestablish the Joint Committee on the Reduction of Nonessential Federal Expenditures.
  5. Spending must be limited to essential activities.
  6. Congress must not appropriate money for unauthorized laws.
  7. Regulatory complexity must be reversed.
  8. The kakistocracy must sell all unnecessary assets.
  9. The western lands must be returned to the states.
  10. Congress should not give taxpayer money to private entities.
  11. It must not be financially attractive to stay in the kakistocracy.
  12. States need to assume their constitutional role in governing.