Ground Rules

Ground Rules

The purpose of this website is to discuss and debate ideas for reforming the federal government and its relationship with the states and its citizens. The ideas should address ways to make government work for ordinary citizens, those who I refer to in my book as the “Dutiful Cogs”. These are the people who keep society running by getting up every day and going to work, taking care of family, paying taxes, contributing to community, and being continuously loyal to the nation. They deserve attention from the government since they pay for it and have to live under it.

While I have an interest in comments that point out the failings of our government, I strongly encourage commentators to include suggestions with their criticisms on how to reform the failings pointed out in their comments.

Ideas that are original, well written and express a reasoned approach to reforming government, promoting the liberty of our people and the protection of their property, no matter what the author’s political viewpoint, will be seriously considered for publication. To be published, all comments or blog posts must identify the name and email address of the author. Such information is to provide transparency to the readers.

This blog is not a personal attack blog, therefore any submitted article that attacks any person, race, religion, nationality, gender, or uses rude or obscene language or indecent references, is not acceptable. This blog is to promote ideas for reforming government, not attacking individuals that are part of the government or want to be part of the government. There are many other blog sites that thrive on personal attacks, please send your electrons to those sites.

Finally, comments can be made for inclusion in several parts of this website.

  1. Actions of the Kakistocracy is a very short list actions taken by the kakistocracy that have harmed the nation. There is a much longer list of such actions in the front pages of my book. I welcome the identification of the many actions I missed. For this section, please keep comments to two sentences for easy reading.
  2. Proposed Reforms is a list of the reforms I propose in my book. Again, the list is not a set of commandments, rather it is a set of ideas that I am hoping involved citizens will discuss and implement if deemed worthy. Again, new proposed reforms are encouraged to be submitted. Those accepted will be posted on the blog and then made part of the Proposed Reform section, along with the identity of the author.
  3. Blog is the part of the site that is for the exchange of ideas. Submissions to the blog can be more comprehensive but to be published, please keep submissions to under 1500 words. I will not do any editing to submissions to make them more readable; therefore, the submission must stand or fall on its merits.