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Actions Of The Kakistocracy

Reform the Kakistocracy starts with a very simple question – What hath the kakistocracy wrought? The first several pages of my book lists actions taken by the kakistocracy that have inflicted significant harm on the nation and on Dutiful Cogs. The list is long but it is not even close to being comprehensive. Every reader of this site is encouraged to read the entire list in my book and send me your additions to it. All suggestion will be read and if they meet the standards set out in Ground Rules, they will be added to the site and you will be identified for nominating it.

To get us started I placed my top five actions of the kakistocracy on the list. The kakistocracy has wrought:

  1. It put us more than twenty-two trillion dollars in debt by borrowing money that future generations will have to repay.
  2. It gave us a health-care system that costs twice as much as that of any other industrialized nation, yet our nation has a life expectancy four years shorter than other major countries.
  3. It enacted laws that allowed our banking system to turn into a casino, using the deposits of hardworking people for risky investments that, if successful, would greatly benefit the banks and, if unsuccessful, required the American people to absorb the loss, thereby causing the collapse of the banking system in 2008, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
  4. It fostered the delegation of vast legislative powers from Congress to unelected legislators (bureaucrats and judges).
  5. It placed the cost of many wars off the books by paying for them through a supplemental appropriation that is not counted as part of the budget deficit and rendered meaningless the constitutional power of Congress to declare war.
  6. New suggestions start with putting your comments in “Join The Effort” section